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Karl Schwarz Consulting provides a broad range of unique, exclusive services and products “Made in Germany” to clients in Asia and the MENA Region. Having the right partners and products for the target markets is the key success factor for any international sales operations – a factor which is frequently unavailable in the home organization. Here, at Karl Schwarz Consulting, we have the link to distributors in the target countries. We have also a thorough understanding of high quality products made in Germany, and we possess a wealth of experience with international sales operations. We have a thorough understanding of Exports, we are experienced, well-established and dependable. Are you considering market entry?  Allow us to assist you, just as many other companies do. Get detailed  information by giving us a call or sending us an email!


Karl Schwarz Consulting

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For many small and medium-sized companies, who wish to enter or expand into the European market, it is difficult to open an office in Europe. Limited market experience and vast geographical distances or a lack of human and financial resources within the company make developing the foreign market very difficult. This is where Karl Schwarz Consulting, a permanent representative office and important point of contact for customers and business partners in Europe, offers you incredible values. We provide you with an on-site extension of your export department, as well as a link between your company and your foreign clients and partners.

The benefits of our cooperation:
• Considerable cost savings through shared equipment and manpower
• Facilitated contacts between companies and customers abroad
• Supervision by multilingual staff familiar with the European market
• Access to the Karl Schwarz Consulting contact network of Business Partners, Business contacts and sales representatives abroad

Are you considering market entry?  Allow us to assist you, just as many other companies do. Get detailed  information by giving us a call or sending us an email!


我们可以在欧洲、中东和加拿大为你提供业务代理办公室 对很多希望进入或者拓展欧洲市场的中小型中国公司而言,要在欧洲拥有一个办公场所是有一定困难的。对欧洲市场的有限了解、巨大的地理差距或者公司内部人员和资金的缺乏都令企业在国外市场的发展中举步维艰。卡尔•斯瓦茨咨询公司将为你提供一个虚拟的业务代办处,作为贵企业在欧洲与客户或者合作伙伴的重要而永久的联络点,它将带给你难以想象的价值。例如,它能为你潜在的生意伙伴提供一个你公司在欧洲的地址,从而使你与他们的合作获得更为可靠的支持。


  • 通过设备与人力的分享而大大节省贵公司的成本开支,
  • 促进贵公司与国外消费者的联络;
  • 由熟悉欧洲市场和使用多种语言的专业团队进行管理;
  • 可以使用卡尔•斯瓦茨咨询公司的业务网络;
  • 不间断的经验交流;
  • 是与生意伙伴进行业务往来的媒介,是你在国外的销售代表。



Karl Schwarz Consulting


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One of the most importent tools to support the succsess of your business is a market- und customer-specific e.Marketing campaign. We develop an individual e-Marketing strategy for your business, install and maintain the web-based e-Marketing servers, design the layout of your website and e-Marketing service, and optimize your search engine ranking, including the following services:
• Online Catalog & Online Shop
• Content Management System Marketing
• Word Blog System Marketing
• European Social Media Marketing
• Electronik Mail Marketing

All e-Marketing Services are installed on high-performance web servers in the target markets, giving your potential customers access to professional and quick responding e-Marketing services. Just rely on our competency, like many other companies do and request detail information by giving us a call or sending us an email!




Karl Schwarz Consulting

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The first step of the market entry often lends itself to the individual search for contacts in foreign markets.
Both the wide network of Karl Schwarz Consulting within the European economy as well as their access to current databases and a variety of coordinated information guarantees you a reliable choice of potential Business Partners. Karl Schwarz Consulting links their clients with competent business partners abroad and bring them through comprehensive, targeted researches, for example, with potential sales agents, trading partners, customers or suppliers in touch. An employee will be your permanent assigned contact person in the desired country.  Karl Schwarz Consulting acts as POC for the selected business partners in their local language.

Your benefits with a business partner mediation:
• Search the right contact person (Management or Purchasing Manager)
• Cost savings by the approach of the potential business partner
• Time savings through organization of events
• Presentation of your product or service in the local language
• Assistance by introducing in the business country customs
• Preparing for the target market through close contact with you in the preparation or  questions and further discussion with respect to the support in the mediation of potential  business partners or sales representatives in Europe is of course always available.

Are you considering market entry?  Allow us to assist you, just as many other companies do. Get detailed  information by giving us a call or sending us an email!



• 搜索到正确的联络人(经理或者销售经理)
• 通过接近潜在客户或者生意伙伴的方式节省开支
• 进行项目组织与管理达到节约时间成本
• 用您所需国家的语言为贵公司的产品或服务进行陈述与说明
• 通过介绍生意国家的习俗来帮助您开拓市场
• 您完全可以通过我们的业务网的支持,对欧洲的潜在的生意伙伴或者销售代表进行讨论与问询,从而实现对于目标市场的一些事先准备。


Karl Schwarz Consulting

Karl Schwarz Consulting
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Our Team

Birgit Schwarz-WeichhartCEO & Sports Marketing
Mrs. Birgit Schwarz-Weichhart



Barbara Helmy

e.Marketing, SEO, Web Development
Mrs. Dipl. Ing. Barbara Helmy



Xiaonyan XuArt & Design Consultant
Mrs. Prof. Xiaoyan Xu



Işıl IşıkCRM Turkey & MENA Region
Mrs. Işıl Işık



Mrs. Yu Hong

Karl Schwarz Consulting

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Telefon: +49 6334.4490380
Telefax: +49 6334.4490381
E-Mail: info@karl-schwarz.de
Internet: www.karl-schwarz.de


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