Karl Schwarz Consulting exports a broad range of unique, exclusive products “Made in Germany” to clients in Asia and MENA Region.


MoCo is a 100% handmade liqueur, more specifically, a coffee liqueur. MoCo is available in 3 different bottle sizes, a big 700 ml bottle, a medium 350 ml bottle, and the little MoCo double-sip with 50 ml.

MoCo is produced in the idyllic town of Pirmasens (Germany). Only top-quality ingredients from traditional German companies are used for the production process. We never use any artificial additives or flavors for our liqueur. The mild and not to strong taste of coffee, coupled with a caramel sweetness results from Fairtrade, biological arabica coffee beans which we use. These beans are roasted in an old east German coffee-roasting plant. Due to the alcohol content of 26% Vol. and because of not using allergens as milk for example, MoCo does not has to be cooled if he is opened and he does not spoil.

Our coffee liqueur is not only for liqueur drinkers or the classic coffee lover, MoCo is also suitable for creative cocktails and longdrinks, as well as for desserts or ice cream. Coupled with the fancy design of our bottles, MoCo is the perfect liqueur for professional bars, as well as the house bar and wonderful as a gift.

What makes aroma garden cosmetics so unique is its high dosage of essential oils. “We believe in the healing power of these precious oils.” Thus Company founder Florent Raimond developed two cosmetic lines the Divine and Gold Series to give you and your skin what it needs to preserve its full life.

Since centuries essential oils have been known as the soul of plants and flowers, precisely these attributes are to be found in our products. Out of conviction, we only use the highest quality oils in our cosmetics to ensure you the best that nature has to offer.

“Nature devoted to Nature” is Florent Raimonds philosophy as founder of aroma garden. His journey began with a personal passion for essential oils. “Nature gives the flower everything it needs to safeguard its beauty against wind and hard weather conditions. It became clear to me that these precious oils provide the flowers their magnificent appearance and I wanted these characteristics to be the core benefit of our products“, says Florent.

From day one the healing power of essential oils, as well as their charming scents were at the centre of Florent Raimonds research. He set out working eagerly with his team to develop the ideal natural cosmetic lines. Adding precious minerals such as hyaluronic acid, 24 carat Gold and many more they were able to create cosmetics that help all skin types regain their natural beauty. “In my view, every woman is precious and uniquely beautiful, just the way she is and I want to help her preserve that.”

Here, at Karl Schwarz Consulting, we have the link to distributors in the target countries.We have also a thorough understanding of high quality products made in Germany, and we possess a wealth of experience with international sales operations.

We have a thorough understanding of Exports, we are experienced, well-established and dependable. Allow us to cooperate with you, just as many other clients do.

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